Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swine Flu, sticky floors, and other things mother told me.

While visiting my son in the hospital the nurse stopped me before setting my purse on the floor in a corner of the room. Even though the floors are cleaned and disinfected, she advised strongly against it. Okay, now I am concerned. I travel frequently for business and try very hard to avoid airport restrooms, but sometimes I have waited too long and can’t avoid the inevitable. The stall (very appropriate name for those in airports) I get usually has a broken catch on the door and even a broken hook. My purse is so heavy, if I put the strap around my neck I would fall to the floor and there is definitely no way I could balance myself without touching something. Our mothers did train us well, didn’t they? So I take out my “Keep It Up”™ and proceed to put the part that usually sits on the table top into the seat cover dispenser (which is usually empty) so my purse can hang and I don’t have to put it on the floor. Remember it is heavy, so if you are ever in an airport ladies restroom that has a dispenser on the floor, you will know my purse was probably the one that did it! A small blessing under the circumstances, luckily it wasn’t me on the floor. Later I took one of my granddaughters to the restroom. She was still wearing pull ups in the process of potty training and I proceeded to “Keep It Up”™ before lining the toilet seat with strips of paper. She asked what I was doing and I explained to her about the germs and how important it is too avoid them. When she sat down to ‘do her thing’ I checked the diaper and told her how proud I was that it was clean, re-taped it and helped her pull it back up. We walked out into the restaurant after washing our hands. All of a sudden she stopped and I turned to her beaming little face as she shouted “Nana, you didn’t ‘Keep It Up’ very good” and there on the floor in the middle of Appleby’s was her diaper. I know my face was a beautiful shade of red as I scooped her up with the diaper and went back into the restroom for re-diapering.

These should be included with every purse or hand bag when purchased. I prefer the round foldable type because they are compact and the hook doesn’t catch on items in your purse. We were guests at a Bob Costa's Benefit for Children's Hospital in April and I was the only lady using the glamorous rhinestone covered “Keep It Up”™ for my evening bag. The other ladies had purses in their laps under napkins. When I mentioned the subject they said they didn't have one dressy enough for their evening bags. Now they're here. “Keep It Up”™’ brand also has a built-in magnet to help keep it folded neatly it the small black velvet bag that it comes with.